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Young woman looking for career guidance.

Hey Deesha,

I hear you can help my career.

Sure. Here's what I do...

I'll help you acquire the skills and make the connections you need to thrive in the new AI economy. 

It doesn't matter what you want to be... you may not even know yet.  You could be in marketing, research, business or computing.  

Whatever your ambitions, I'll help you progress.

I can help connect you with employers who are looking for people with your skills.  I won’t share your details.  I’ll simply make introductions when there’s a good match between you and them.

You can be a student or already in employment.  It’s your skills that matter most.

Register here for Employer Connect

Employer Connect 


AI changes everything but there’s no need to get left behind. 


Regard the AI revolution as an opportunity for those with the right skills.

I have researched the world’s best short courses to help you boost your career potential.  All the courses you see here are available now, at reasonable prices.  Choose well and increase your relevance to employers.

Try the Skills Boost Bot

Skills Boost


A Master's Degree is a great way to develop in-depth skills in an area that is likely to be more defined that your first degree.  Our masters bot is trained to search top UK masters' courses.  Try asking it about AI courses and see what it suggests.  

Try the Master's Degree Bot

Masters' Degrees


Informal meeting in a cafe.

The big idea


The big idea is simple. The pace of change in our economies is accelerating. It favours those who have specific skill sets. 


HeyDeesha helps Individuals acquire those skills and Employers connect with those who have them.


Deesha is a guide.  A connector.  

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