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Michael Hobbs


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Michael has spent his whole career in the tech industry.  He has worked in major corporations (Accenture, Microsoft, BT) and in start-ups in the US and UK. His main fields are mobile technology and AI. 


He is motivated by new things and experiments.  

Shivika Pratap


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Shivika is a social media influencer,  content creator and consultant in the India-UK education market.  Educated in India and the UK, she brings a strong perspective on international careers.  

Shivika is good friends with our avatar, Deesha, who automates and scales much of what Shiv does personally.


HeyDeesha is owned and operated by Intelligent Prospects Ltd, a UK company. 

We help people acquire the skills they need in the rapidly developing AI economy.  

We also have a sense of fun, so let's get our resident avatar, Deesha and co-founder Shivika, to explain what we are about. 

You can't really be in the AI business without saying a few things about ethics, so here's where we are.

We are AI optimists (cautiously). We believe that, done well, AI offers huge potential for assisting people and society. What does "well" mean?

In our context, there are three things that stand out. 


Firstly, not pretending - not deceiving. We are quite clear that we use avatars on this site and in social media. Presently, we believe that the avatars are clearly digital. Should it become difficult to distinguish between humans and avatars, we will make it clear which is which.  

Secondly, we respect copyrights. There are big debates underway surrounding Fair Use in the context of AI. We watch these debates and will endeavour to stay on the correct side of the Fair Use arguments.

Thirdly, you'll see a lot of people on this site.  We are into AI for people.  Some of the people on the site are responsible for the AI and its performance.  


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