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Terms & Conditions

An Employment Partner is defined as any legal entity, whether person or corporate, entering into a commercial relationship with Intelligent Prospects for the purpose of promoting employment opportunities, or pre-employment introductions to Users.  

Employer Partner terms are defined within a separate agreement, available upon request.  

Please contact Intelligent Prospects for details.  

Terms and Conditions Affecting Employment Partners

A User is defined as an individual accessing the functionality hosted on and associated social media applications, whether that individual has registered with the site or not.  The following terms and conditions apply to individual users of the system.  

  1. The site and associated social media applications are currently available in Test Mode.  This particularly affects the quality of the models, which currently serve for demonstration purposes only. 

  2. HeyDeesha chatbots are trained on a mixture of public data and data that IPLtd has developed. The models should be regarded as one input into career and education decisions.  They should never be regarded as an optimal or guaranteed path.  Users should do their own research to supplement suggestions made by our chatbots. 

  3. HeyDeesha features a CV-upload facility.  CVs uploaded to the site will be held on commercial-grade document storage facilities.  No guarantee, explicit or implied, is offered surrounding the security of the stored documents. 

  4.  IPLtd will not resell user CVs in their entirety. 

  5. In utilising the CV upload services, the user grants IPLtd the right to form introductions between CV owners and interested employers, based either on  anonymised CV contents, or the analysis (human or machine) of the contents of the CVs.

  6. Users uploading their CVs are responsible for the statements made therein.

  7. User CVs must be kept up-to-date, reflecting skill acquisition and skill certification.  

  8. IPLtd offers no guarantees, express or implied, that Users will be matched with Employers, or receive successful introductions to employers. 

Terms and Conditions Affecting Users is owned and operated by Intelligent Prospects Ltd (IPLtd), a UK-registered, limited company. 
The site is currently available as a Beta for testing.  


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