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Employers seeking skilled employees

HeyDeesha helps you find such people.  

Deesha is a guide for employees looking to up-skill in the AI economy.  Individuals register with Deesha, so our databases acquire information about who is studying what, where, and when they finish.  Some of our users are studying for Masters' Degrees with high AI content,  Others are doing booster courses to sharpen their skills.  Everybody is keen to work at the cutting edge of business and technology.  

If you are looking for specific skills, the chances are that a HeyDeesha user already has them.  

We've done the searching for you. 

Find out more about Employer Connect.

As a top employer, you want highly-skilled employees. 

Skills providers and universities

These range from whole degree courses to a few hours, on-line, to familiarise users with a particular tool or technique.  

We present these options during chat dialogues and are constantly refining our models. 

If your course is free to users, we'll surface it at zero commission.  If you charge for it, we expect a referral commission.  

Either way, we aim to keep our models neutral, tuning them to what works best for users.  

List your training product

HeyDeesha provides intelligent links to top learning options.

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